Erectile dysfunction is when a man doesn’t have a strong enough penis to allow him to have long-term sexual intercourse. Learn more about erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is when a man doesn’t get a sufficiently stiff penis or if the erection lasts long enough for him to have sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence by doctors.

Pathological erectile dysfunction is more severe than occasional erection problems. In about 70% of cases, the man cannot achieve sufficient erection for six months or more.

Erectile dysfunction can:

  • It can happen without any obvious cause
  • It can also be caused by another illness or injury.
  • These side effects can occur with certain medications.

Doctors refer to primary erectile disorder as a man who has not been able or able to erection. Later in life – If the problem develops later in life, and after the man has had and been able maintain erections for some time, doctors call this secondary erectile disorder. This is the most common.

It is hard to estimate how many people are affected. The results of studies can vary depending on the data collection method, the questions used, and the subjects chosen. The type of data collected, the questions asked, and the subjects chosen can all affect the results. They can vary from less than 10% to more than 50%. Studies have shown that they are more common with age. increase in frequency with age.

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Erectile dysfunction: Causes

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors. For example, nerves (to and fro the penis), blood supply (reflux), hormones (for instance, testosterone), and lifestyle (exercise and diet) are all involved. or medication use.

Erectile dysfunction can also be affected by the man’s age (see above). According to medical experts, there are two main reasons why this happens. First, as we age, our pelvic floor muscles weaken and oxygen supply and blood flow decrease to the penis. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and prostate problems.

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused by:

These vascular conditions increase the risk of erectile dysfunction due to blood vessel disease such as hardening the arteries (atherosclerosis). The blood vessels constrict, and blood flow drops.

Chronic diseases can also impact whether erectile dysfunction occurs. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes), Obesity (obesity), and Cardiovascular diseases are all risk factors. They can cause damage to the blood vessels.

These are neurological factors that affect the nerves that send signals to the penis. These can be caused by diseases like diabetes (also known as diabetic neuropathy), and prostate surgery. They may also be triggered less often by multiple sclerosis (chronic inflammation or spinal cord injury).

Hypothyroidism or a deficiency in the production of testosterone, are examples of hormonal causes. This can lead to fatigue, reduced performance, and may also impact sexual activity.

Erectile dysfunction can result from injuries such as a pelvic injury. All of them can cause damage to the structures that are sensitive for erection (for instance, vessels, nerves and erectile tissue).

It is possible to have erectile dysfunction due to medication. Certain drugs, for example, for the treatment of high blood pressure, but also antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs (for the treatment of mental illnesses) with serotonin or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors can have an adverse effect on the erectile function of the male member.

Erectile dysfunction may be psychological. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by stress and mental strain.

The ability to erection depends on your lifestyle. Excessive alcohol intake (alcohol impairs nerve system and hormone balance) and smoking are both risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

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