Almost every man is affected by the fear of infertility. It is not something that anyone likes to feel “failed” or infertile when they want to have children. It can be a simple fear or triggered by past experiences.

Common triggers of fear of Impotence

  • Low self-esteem
  • Partner pressure
  • Past negative experiences
  • Feeling strong
  • Fear of shame
  • Friends and the media can put pressure on you

Many men are sensitive about impotence and don’t talk about it. Of course, they don’t talk about it with their partner. If the erection does not materialize, it automatically triggers the feeling that something is wrong.

Therefore, men are constantly under pressure to “deliver”, even if they don’t have erection problems. Also, impotence does not reflect the image of a strong and caring man who protects and cares for his family. These stereotypes can overwhelm the psyche. It is possible that fear of impotence may trigger this. It is difficult to find a way around this paradoxical situation.

How can you overcome your fear of Impotence

Every man is different and the signs and symptoms of fear of impotence are not the same. It could be a concern about having difficulty erection, or being unable to satisfy a new partner in the first sexual encounter.

There are many ways to manage anxiety and live a happier life. People who feel anxious should seek help as soon as possible to overcome impotence. Otherwise, it can lead to a vicious cycle of erection problems.

Strengthen self-confidence

It can be helpful to increase self-confidence if the fear of impotence is fuelled by shame, pressure, or sexual inhibitions. People who feel confident and strong are more likely to control their erection.

Here are some examples of how to make sex more enjoyable:

  • Open communication
  • Performing sexual fantasies
  • Practice exposure (darkness, dimming, light)
  • Practice frequent masturbation and intercourse
  • Pornography (regular amount)
  • Get out of your comfort zone and exercise to increase your strength.

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